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Sensei Dwight Needham
     I'm a teacher in the art of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, in the southern mountians of Pennsylvania. I started my studies in the Martial arts in 1973. Later I started in 1975, under the instructions of Sensei Paul Wood, of Hagerstown,Md. He is a good friend and great Instructor.
      I studied with sensei Wood for more then 10 years. I also studied with sensei Russel Peterson for a number of years.
      Later I practiced my arts with a friend and sensei Lowell (Rusty) Wise, sensei Wise is a black belt in Judo. While I was teaching Rusty  in Karate, he was teaching me judo. We worked for a number of years, before we come across sensei Kiehl in Walnut Bottom. He was teaching Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, and we decided to start studing, the art of Jujitsu. We studied with sensei Kiehl and his wife sensei Jane Kiehl, for more then 15 years now.
      While we have been studing jujitsu, we have studied under, the renownd Prof. Sig Kufferath , and Prof. Ramon Ancho for more then 15 years till the time of their passing, we lost some great men. We have also been been able to know, the famous movie legen Prof. Tora Tanaka . We work with Prof. Tony Janovich in jujitsu under Prof. Kiehl's instructions.
      I have graduated the Okazaki Long Life Restoration Massage Therapy course (AMMA) from prof. Kufferath and classes in Seifukujitsu (Japanese physical terapy) course. I hold the rank of Black Belt in Karate, Judo, Jujitsu.
      My Instructor in the art of Jujitsu was Prof. Kiehl.
Prof. Kiehl is the head instructor of the KDRJA , with his school in Carlisle,Pa.
      I am currenly studing under
Sensei Barb Gessner, Rokudan , She has a school at Rutgers University Kodenkan , NJ .And lives at Mt. Pocono, Pa.
e-mail: Sensei Needham
Sensei Lowell (Rusty) Wise
     Sensei Wise started his studies in the art of Judo under sensei Reggie Heefner, for a number of years. He recived his Black Belt from Sensei Heefner. He keep on working on his arts with his students and daughters.
      Sensei Wise and sensei Needham started working together on their arts, we were teaching each other Karate and Judo. He recived his black in Karate from sensei Needham, after a few years of hard work. He is a dedicated student to the arts. He started learning Danzan Ryu Jujitsu from sensei Kiehl to earn his Black Belt, and  the ways from Prof. Sig Kufferath , and Prof. Ramon Lono Ancho .
      While working with Prof. Kiehl and Prof Jarovich, to recive his certification in Okazaki's Long Life Restoration Massage Therapy (AMMA) and in Seifukjitsu (Japanese physical terapy) course. He also worked with the famous, Prof. Tora Tanaka, and has worked with Prof. Janovich under Prof. Kiehl's instructions.
      Sensei Wise is now currently a ChiefMaster Sargent in The Airforce Reserves. And is waiting to he can retire in a few years, so he can keep refineing his arts.
     Sensei Wise lives in the New York state in Lodi, close to Waltkins Glen.
He teaches at his Dojo, at his home. He loves to work with other dojo near his home. When he can get down to our Dojo he loves to stop in to work, and teach his arts. He is always welcome.
e-mail:  Sensei Wise
Shodan Brandi Bowman
     Brandi started her training at the age of six, when I was teaching Karate She worked hard for a number of years toward her black belt. Brandi was my Student and my daughter, and recived her black belt from Master Paul Wood.
      She went on with me to study in the art of Karate, till we started working the art of jujitsu, while she worked in jujitsu under sensei Wise and myself, she recived her black belt, from Prof. Sig Kufferath. and Prof. Kiehl, while she also worked with Prof. Ancho, and Prof. janovich. She meet Prof. Tora Tanaka.
     Matthew started his studies at the age of six, in the art of Karate. He was a sincere student in Karate and later in Jujitsu. He recived his black belt in karate from Master Wood and myself. He worked in the art of AMMA for a number of years.
      Matthew earned his black belt in jujitsu from Prof. Ancho, and Prof Kiehl. Matthew also worked with Prof. Kufferath., and has meet the famous Prof. Tora Tanaka.
e-mail Brandi Bowman
Shodan Matthew Dickey
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